Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

FM Logistic offers an integrated solution for small and medium enterprises


Small-scale industrial and trading companies are seeking to use all-in-one logistics services from one reliable provider. However major operators do not offer such services at an affordable price.

Amid the crisis, FM Logistic has designed a universal offer on comprehensive supply chain management for small and medium enterprises that includes international transport, customs clearance, storage, co-packing, co-manufacturing and domestic delivery services.

Especially for the new service, the company has developed a WMS allowing to create a virtual storage and handling zone at the warehouse for several clients at the same time, without individual space reservation. This increases efficiency of warehousing resources usage, and therefore the provider is able to offer its clients a lower price for the services on postpaid basis.

“Maximum simplicity is the feature of this service. It is like a train going along its route according to its timetable – our clients can quickly sign a simple contract on standard package of services at any time”, says Operations director at FM Logistic Aleksandr Pavlov.

FM Logistic site in Tchekhov – the main consolidation centre managing up to 3,500 pallets 

in 24 hours – has been picked as the platform for goods handling operations.

The company plans to launch the “Simple logistics for SME” service in all FM locations in Russia. The provider expects to sign over 100 contracts for the service during 2016-2018.