Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

Co-packing & Co-manufacturing

Closest to operations for optimal reactivity

Promo Operations

Groupage without heat treatment

1. Cost-saving and highly productive solution for groupage of chocolates and other square or rectangular-shaped products without temperature exposure

Promo Metrounits
1. Consolidating products by promo-stickers
2. Producing promo-materials according to the client's design

1. Packaging without temperature exposure of the product
2. Goods of various shapes
3. Possibility to pack chocolate, healthcare goods etc
4. High productivity

Display assembling and re-packing

Shelf-Ready Packaging
1. Creation of lodgement and arrangement of products with strict positioning
2. Wide range selection of components
3. Consolidated deliveries to chains

1. Changing the number of product items in a box
2. Palletization calculation according to the client's requirements
3. Picking of mixed boxes for chains

1. Assembling floor displays from parts
2. Arranging components on the display and palletization for deliveries to chains
3. Possibility to make your brand stand out thanks to an independent location in the sales area

Additional services

Technical consultation
Expert advises when designing structure of lodgement, promo-box, labels and other consumables

Delivery and planning
1. Creation and approval of production plan
2. Organization of components delivery to the production site and shipments of ready products
3. Administration

Establishing a clean area
1. ISO 9001 certification
2. Separation of the production line
3. Working in special clothing (hats, gloves)
4. Maintenance of the required temperatures
5. Ensuring respective sanitary conditions for production and storage

Palletization calculation
Offering the most suitable palletization of ready products taking into account specific features of the products and storage (racks height, weight restrictions)

Ordering and producing consumables
1. Printing labels of any kind (size, material, colour) on FM Logistic production site
2. Ordering promo-materials according to the client's design template
3. Long-term collaboration with several partners – producers of consumables (card-board, promo-boxes, stickers, corrugated boxes, supports, scotch tape and other materials)