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As a cosmopolitan group, FM Logistic continues to grow and to get stronger on the international front. Today, we can be found on three continents. Our development highlights our capacity and determination to support our customers no matter where they are in the world.
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South America

In 2013, “FM do Brasil” is set up with the potential to succeed. Its 1 200 staff members run strategically located hubs, near the largest consumer centres in the country.
“FM do Brasil” is now recognised, by international and Brazilian customers, for their intelligent solutions in cosmetics, electronics, car parts and other industries.

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Our group has a long-term investment policy: the potential of the Asian market has not gone unnoticed by our entrepreneurs. In 2015, FM Logistic celebrates its 10th anniversary in China. In 2016, FM Logistic Group invests in India. 
Autonomous teams with expert local knowledge have built a Chinese company in China: adapted to the market both in terms of services and processes. Result: a record growth rate of over 40% in 2014. In India, FM Logistic become majority shareholder of Spear Logistics, one of the leading Indian logistics companies with a wide national geographic coverage and a full range of logistics services.

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Central Europe

It was in Poland that FM Logistic set up its first structure outside France – in 1995. Soon after, the group developed an international network in Central Europe.
Radically changing markets and consumer patterns have turned this region upside down over the past few years. Our local teams have been supporting our customers in these transformations by coming up with supply chain solutions that evolve with the market. 

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Western Europe

Our teams intensify efforts and inventiveness to meet the challenges in this part of the world - where our customers' most mature markets are located.
Being constantly on the lookout for optimized and innovating solutions that respect the environment, think-tanks are run to address the challenges of the future.
That's how these countries came to take on our first collaborative logistics pilots (Pooling), urban distribution (Citylogin) as well as a fleet of trucks that run on liquid natural gas.

Eastern Europe

In the 90s, FM Logistic set up base in Russia, then Ukraine, seizing the opportunity that arose from the opening of the Eastern European markets. The group rapidly saw the potential for huge growth in the region and established a long-term investment policy.
High value-added solutions, new services, external growth, regional development...FM Logistic is one of the key international players in logistics in the region.

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