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When it comes to shopping, there is no borderline between online and offline. E-commerce is a new reality in the global logistics market.
However, keeping the purchasing ecosystem in sync requires the supply chain to keep omnichannel sales running smoothly.

The fastest way to start or increase your online sales

At FM Logistic, we offer a complete set of e-commerce and omnichannel logistics solutions, creating an end-to-end supply chain. It includes combining orders and inbound logistics, fulfillment, outbound and after-sales operations with advanced automation, solutions for various types of delivery and return management.

From setting up your online store to shipping your items and managing returns, we use our expertise to deliver the most flexible and cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs.

E-commerce is part of our future. Let’s build it in the most responsible way.

The added value of the supply chain lies in understanding future consumer trends, the complexity of distribution channels and the choices that need to be made.

We use our experience, collective intelligence and the latest technology to create new models for a more responsible supply chain. Our goal is to work with our customers to develop next-generation supply chain models and omnichannel logistics solutions.

How we partner with you

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Flexible logistics solutions for online stores and an order management platform

Our OMS technology links all orders from your EDI or ERP system and marketplaces to your online store and provides real-time information for omnichannel inventory tracking and future forecasting capabilities. You also receive information about the level of stocks and products that are still on the way, with the possibility of controlling the total flow.

  • Acceleration of order processing through automation and multilateral cooperation
  • Increase the profitability of your orders by choosing among the options convenient for you: day-to-day delivery, delivery in 2-3 hour slots, premium delivery “white gloves” or inexpensive flexible delivery options
  • Reduce operating costs and errors with automated solutions that help you identify and avoid problems.
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Order fulfillment – all solutions under one roof

Our fulfillment solution, a concept under one roof, offers the possibility of increasing flows regardless of the sales channel. It is based on the optimization of the economic model of warehouse storage, the central idea of ​​which is synergy. A single omnichannel order fulfillment mechanism enables flexible management of sales peaks and seasonality, reduced transportation costs and risks, and reduced environmental impact. In addition, it enables economies of scale, process optimization and ultimately improved competitiveness to be achieved. Our omnichannel fulfillment logistics solutions provide:

  • Single inbound and outbound stream for online and offline.
  • High efficiency and flexible storage options: real-time inventory updates, goods available across all channels, optimal storage methods.
  • Pick & Pack, picking your orders, appropriately labeled packaging so that your order is ready to ship.
  • High-performance technologies for one-time picking: AGV (autonomous guided vehicles), AMR (autonomous mobile robots), return pallets, pick-to-light, pick-to-man, cobots, balayas, etc.
  • Possibility of additional services (branded packaging, gift bags, gift cards and postcards, engraving, grouping, etc.) and management of returns.
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Delivery. Interaction and synergy for more responsible delivery of goods

We are the one-stop strategic partner for our customers, ensuring that all products arrive on time, without damage and at the right price.

We cover all types of transport, from the last mile, international shipping and green alternatives, both with our own resources and through brokers. We provide our clients with services in cooperation with most of the last mile delivery options available on the market to give you better control and visibility of the entire delivery process:local delivery on demand, cash on delivery, cash on delivery, optimization of shipping routes, instant tracking of parcel delivery and management of returns.

All our operations are carried out in a regulated manner – without delays and with detailed records of what we delivered, to whom and when.

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