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International shipping solutions

Delivery of goods is one of the main tasks for manufacturing companies and retailers around the world. Climate change is putting pressure on the entire supply chain and transport in particular. Digitalization and artificial intelligence open up a whole range of solutions for optimizing goods flow, while saturation of the transport infrastructure and the growth of delivery volumes on the last mile cause the need for alternative models. As a trusted logistics expert, FM Logistic provides efficient, secure support for your supply chain. We offer road, rail, air and sea transportation, as well as a range of additional services, including customs clearance and assistance in obtaining permits.

Improving the efficiency of multimodal transportation

Our wide range of transport solutions offers not only local transport but also extensive international coverage: FM Logistic is based in 15 countries and we ship to over 60 countries between Europe and Asia. From start to finish, we organize your delivery and implement the optimal solution to meet your needs (FTL and LTL, Air Railway and sea delivery, long distance transportation, small parcels). We team up with our customers to create synergy with our Pulling solution, delivering the best possible service and maximum reliability. Flexibility, scalability, efficiency and sustainability: this is how we see the logistics of tomorrow.

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