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Since 1967, FM Logistic has been developing transport solutions to support and develop our customers’ supply chains. That is why in Russia we also offer a wide range of logistics services: FTL delivery by individual machines, LTL prefabricated pallet and box delivery, freight transportation by railway transport, delivery of the “last mile” for ecom, as well as intracity B to B delivery. We actively use the opportunities digital technologies for interaction with customers and partners, as well as for tracking the current status of each order. Our transport solutions fully cover the needs for inbound and outbound logistics, while attacks can be integrated with warehouse services.

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Gain better control and visibility over your supply chain thanks to our technologies

At FM Logistic we always try to offer our clients the best available on the market. That is why we develop and implement innovative solutions with the involvement of the best partners and the latest technologies. We are able to provide information about the movement of your cargo in real time, as well as manage the entire supply chain using modern technologies:

  • Transport Management System (TMS), allowing us to see orders 360 °;
  • Convenient Client portal for creating applications (with the possibility of integration), tracking statuses, confirming registers, as well as quick access to the archive of transport documents
  • Track & Trace system that allows our customers to track their orders in real time from distribution centers to points of delivery.
  • Portal for partner carriers with a user-friendly interface, loyalty programs and a large selection of transportation
  • Router to optimize transport planning for urban delivery
  • Modern WMS system for efficient x-dock management
  • Mobile application for drivers
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Reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint

Thanks to the variety of transport services we offer and our Delivery Calculator, we are able to simulate transport using different vehicles. Using the information received, we combine delivery options, reducing the impact on the environment. As a provider of logistics and transport services, we understand and adapt to your needs.

Whether it’s a single transport solution or a multimodal solution, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint and leverage your competitive edge. Our transport solutions are based on continuous innovation. Our last mile solution has a greener impact on the environment. For example, for intra-city delivery, we, together with our customers, choose “Green Transport” – electric or gas vehicles.

Do you want to optimize your shipping costs? Thanks to Pooling, we can help you increase the frequency of shipments without additional costs – by grouping shipments from different customers along the same route, we offer the most optimal rate per pallet.

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Improving the efficiency of regional transport

As a trusted logistics expert, FM Logistic ensures the safety and support of your supply chain. We offer multimodal and ground transport solutions, as well as contract logistics. Your company benefits from the use of our infrastructure and professional services for the organization of delivery by road, rail, and customs clearance. Our road transport solutions ensure high quality transport. From standard services such as shuttles, groupage cargo delivery (LTL) or FTL delivery, to controlled temperature and high security transport or special services for contract / project deliveries. We provide solutions to meet any of your needs. Our rail freight solutions are not only reliable but also environmentally friendly. LCL (Loading less than a container) or FCL (Loading in a full container) delivery on any routes within Russia, the CIS, as well as from Asia to Europe and back.

Our experts use global knowledge and European experience to provide our clients with high quality services. Whichever type of goods you would like to ship, you can be sure that they will arrive on time and in the best possible way. Our transport service gives your company a real competitive edge by optimizing costs and contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.

Let’s work together to reduce our logistics carbon footprint.

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Groupage deliveries

As part of the groupage delivery service, we transport goods from 1 to 33 pallets, which allows the client to pay only for the space he occupies in the truck. Every day we ship thousands of pallets of FMCG goods to more than 100 cities in Russia.

We provide uninterrupted delivery to the 30 largest networks and to any other recipient of your cargo. We collect and deliver goods of various batches and dimensions to the specified destinations and at the appointed time. We tailor our transport solutions to your individual needs. Our Groupage Delivery (LTL) solution combines shipments from different vendors along a common route, increasing frequency and reducing costs and environmental impact. Our state-of-the-art Client portal provides convenient interaction and the provision of up-to-date information. All this, together with the support of our operations team, allows us to meet the most complex customer needs in road and rail transport and provide customized proposals.

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