Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

Our history

20 years of success

FM Logistic is a French family business that came to Russia in 1994. Since then the company has been moving towards success, step by step mastering difficulties, adapting to local reality, and thanks to its efforts becoming logistics services provider number one in the country.

FM Logistic 1994

Discover our timeline

FM Logistic is a dynamic, purposeful and engaging company that knows where it goes. It has made a long way from the heart of  Vosges Mountains to Russia, where it established in 1994. At that time, FM Logistic counted only 20 people in total. 20 brave ambassadors who faced the challenges of Russian business and led their company to success. They brought 30 years of logistics experience and European quality to Russia, carefully adjusting to nation’s peculiarities.

Since 1994, the company has been actively developing introducing new platforms in strategic locations all across the vast Russia almost every year. In approximately 20 years FM Logistic managed to startup 21 warehouse with total area of 600 000 sq. meters.

Three major achievements are:

  • The possibility to guaranty the European service level
  • Fast and high-quality trainings for employees
  • Successful startup of every client

Company experienced major impulse after acquisition of UNIVEG Logistics Russia in 2013, which drastically pushed it’s fresh logistics services forward.

Nowadays our turnover exceeds 14,7 billion Roubles. The total area of warehouse premises amounts to 600,000 m2, number of employees counts more than 8 000, we offer a full range of supply chain management services from warehousing, to distribution, co-packing and customs clearance, and that is not all!

In 20 years, 20 people grew a company that amounts 8 000 and has 360 million Euro turnover.

We expect the future to bring us more challenges and more possibilities to evolve.”

Christophe Menivard - General Director FM Logistic Russia


  • "It took precisely 20 years (from 1994 to 2014) to create and secure the FM Logistic brand on the Russian market. As any major company striving for sustainable growth, we are challenged with various tasks on daily basis.

    Our success is no coincidence. It has been achieved thanks to our commitment to the family values and entrepreneurial spirit along with sensible business approach.
    Inspired by the rapid growth, our employees daily prove their professionalism and great performance.
    As a team, we all together add bright new pages to our common history."

    Sergey Belov: an employee who stood at the origins of FM Logistic in Russia