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La logique des transports urbain

Transport & Distribution

Flexibility and reliability: our commitment to optimise your performance.

Audit of the current transportation layouts, delivery plan optimization, and detecting the existing needs of customers and consignees make up the full set of our services which meets all requirements in respect to B2B and B2C distribution networks: flexibility, reliability, transparency... competitiveness.
FM Logistic favorably stands out among its rivals due to wide range of various services, and also thanks to its ability to organize cargo transportation by all types of rolling stock on the national and/or international level.

To achieve maximum performance in the volatile market conditions and maximum optimization of delivery costs for our clients, we manage a wide network of branches and partner companies in all countries and cities where we are present.

FM Logistic services

  • Railway carriage

    FM Logistic provides railway carriage services since the transport department was opened. The service was driven by the existence of railway access at the Moscow region and Vladivostok warehouses, as well as by our clients' needs. 
    Apart from full car load and all types of containers, we offer x-dock deliveries, i.e. cargo consolidation for several consignees of the same client (in one railway car or one container), division of pallets at the Far East warehouses and further delivery to the final destinations by motor vehicles. 
    Due to changes in economic conditions and recipients' needs, as well as because of necessity to elaborate more flexible solutions for our customers, from 2012 we offer consolidated railway deliveries to consignees in the Far East, irrespective of car/container volume or minimum lot size.

  • Groupage

    Consolidated deliveries is one of the FM Logistic's key services.
    This type of carriage is mostly popular with producers and importers – suppliers of the retailers. During the ten years of productive work we have elaborated and introduced the most effective logistics designs of cargo deliveries to more than 70 Russian cities and towns on weekly basis. Partnerships with main federal and regional commercial chains, as well as FM freight forwarders ensure trouble-free shipments of goods according to FM Logistic's schedule. 
    Observance of temperature regimes and goods-appropriate neighborhood rules during delivery, as well as timely control and returning of accompanying documents will make your cooperation with Retail sector a perfection.


    RADIO System X-DOCK

  • International and multimodal deliveries

    We offer a wide range of international transport services:

    • Consolidated and full truck load deliveries from Europe to Russia and to CIS and Asian countries
    • Temperature controlled deliveries by various types of transport
    • Cargo consolidation at FM Logistic warehouses in Europe
    • Exports from Russia
    • Dangerous and oversize goods deliveries

    Multimodal deliveries:

    • Door to door delivery
    • Shipments from Europe, China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia in any types of containers
    • Tracing cargo location throughout the route
    • Cargo insurance
    • Customs clearance in Russian ports
    • De-consolidation of goods at FM Logistic warehouses in Vladivostok or Khabarovsk
  • Full truck load

    Full truck load is one of important FM Logistic's activities.
    We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week delivering cargoes via routes within cities, and also to any location in Russia. Deliveries are conducted by all types of rolling stock while observing any required temperature regimes. It is possible to use the most up-to-date IT tools such as SHORTRECK , for routing of transport: to control cargo deliveries, timely processing and returns of accompanying documents.   

Our assets

An optimised transport plan

An optimised transport plan

Autonomous in terms of its partner carriers network, FM Logistic has all the independence necessary to give you good advice and optimize your transport plan. Covering the whole distribution chain and making the most of all multi-modal transport opportunities, we bring you our professional expertise to guarantee you an efficient and responsible delivery.

Respect for the environment

Contributing to respect for the environment

It is FM Logistic's intention to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. In order to achieve this goal apart from applying bulk solutions such as  "Pooling", we pay a lot of attention to multi-modal transport to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible. In the beginning of 2014 the Group joined Green Freight Europe, an independent voluntary pan-European program aiming to improve the green performance of goods transportation in Europe.

In Russia, FM Logistic launches the project for electromobile cargo deliveries in central historical parts of Moscow – CITYLOGIN from 2015.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking

Thanks to its global mastery of the supply chain, FM Logistic can rely on its integrated view of all the processes to ensure their transparency and continuous improvement. By relying on our IT hubs for monitoring and tracking, we can optimize the running of our operations and share our information in real time.